Prysm Adds the LPD 6K, an Interactive Single Panel Large-Format Display

Prysm is creating a new category in the display market by unveiling its latest – the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series. These interactive large-format single panel displays offer a panoramic image with no seams or bezels with, what they are saying is, the power consumption similar to a commercial coffee maker. The displays are shatter-resistant, flexible and offer rollability for transport.

The new modular design uses a durable front screen — made of a specialty coated polycarbonate layer – that is rolled into a cylinder for easy transport. This allows integrators to negotiate tight corners and enter through standard doors and passenger elevators during set-up — something that is nearly impossible for traditional large-format displays.

The LPD 6K display is available with Prysm’s visual collaboration platform known as the Prysm Application Suite. The Prysm Application Suite consolidates applications, content, video conferencing and the web into a touch-interactive workspace. This combination is known as the LPD 6K Series and is made up of the following components:

  • 190-inch or 135-inch LPD-powered single panel large-format display and Prysm collaboration appliance
  • 90-day Prysm software trial license (optional)

The LPD 6K Series is currently in general availability and shipping to partners and customers. All the specs are here.