Prysm Activates Co-browsing, Wireless Screen Sharing with Google Cast and Annotation

Prysm today unveiled its Summer ’17 software release featuring the general availability of its co-browsing functionality wireless screen sharing with Google Cast and a refreshed annotation experience. Today’s announcement supports the company’s commitment to provide enterprises with the right tools and experiences to drive employee efficiency and productivity.

Specifics of the summer ’17 release include:

  • Co-browsing experience: Short for collaborative browsing, this feature enables multiple people in disparate locations to launch and interact with multiple browser sessions simultaneously. Using the group participation function, the owner of the browsing session can enable other project participants to take control of the session, even passing over the controls of an authenticated application, as long as the owner is still logged into the Prysm project. For enhanced data security, when a presenter leaves a workspace or toggles off group participation, the content the co-browser pointed to is no longer available to workspace participants.
  • Wireless screen sharing with Google Cast: Along with Apple AirPlay, Prysm customers can now wirelessly share content and screens using Google Cast. Users can enable their Google Chrome browser to share a single Chrome browser tab or the entire desktop. The new feature also enables the ability to share up to four wireless devices simultaneously, within the same workspace, or the ability to switch between four wireless devices in Prysm Go, in addition to wired sources.
  • New annotation experience: An update to one of Prysm’s most popular features, the company has refreshed its annotations to include:
    • Real-time smoothing for more polished mark-ups
    • Easy mistake correction and sketch retouching with new undo/redo functionality
    • Quick erase strokes through a single tap

According to the Wainhouse Research product review, “Evaluation of the Prysm Solution – New Features and Functions,” co-browsing will provide a more feature-rich browsing experience to remote users. As an added bonus, it also securely stores user-specific, site-specific cookies within the Prysm Cloud. Additionally, the newly added wireless presentation capability makes it quick and easy to bring live sources, including personal user / BYO content (e.g., from mobile devices), into the Prysm experience – without the need for an external wireless presentation system.

All the details are here.