Prowise Releases New 98-inch Variant in Touchscreen Ten Lineup

Prowise Touchscreen TenProwise has launched its 98-inch variant of Prowise Touchscreen Ten. The Prowise Touchscreen Ten lineup includes the 55-, 65-, 75-, 86- and 98-inch models. The screen uses a 4K Ultra HD IPS Panel and is integrated with a 2.1 Dolby Audio Soundbar and six wide-area microphones. An optional Prowise MOVE camera is available to add 4K imaging. The screen has 40 touchpoints, comes with two pens and uses USB-C ports to connect to computers and tablets.

The screen is also equipped with the Prowise Central operating system. This provides the user with whiteboard and annotation software (ProNote), screencast protocols such as AirPlay and Chromecast, an Appstore (Teams, Meet, Skype and Zoom) and the educational Prowise Presenter software. All these features can be used without a PC module. It is offered at a price of 5000 euro, excluding VAT.