PROLIGHTS Used to Light up Italian Landmarks

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The last Saturday of January was the second annual World NTD day, a date now used to celebrate hard-earned progress to take action to end Neglected Tropical Diseases. This event was marked with a Global Action, where more than 50 landmarks across 25 nations lit up to draw attention to the 1.7 billion people around the world still suffering from neglected tropical diseases.

A total of six landmarks were lit up in Italy, including the famous Colosseum in Rome, which was switched on at 17h30 and stayed bright until midnight. Claudio Strolighi was hired by the event producers to supply the equipment: “We used 19x PROLIGHTS Solar fixtures, along with 3x ArcPod 36FC and 4x ArcPod 27Q,” said Claudio. He added: “We needed IP rated fixtures as it’s still very cold and wet in January, with a good rigging system for the structure that we had to bring.”

Despite the relatively small setup, the requirements by the production team were demanding: “We absolutely needed a minimum of IP-65 protection on all the fixtures,” added Strolighi, continuing: “We also needed lenses with a 15-25º field angle, and powerful enough to be able to wash the monument with orange colours, uniformly, at a distance of between 70 and 90 metres from the Colosseum. We went for PROLIGHTS as we are used to their fixtures’ great performance – we always use their architectural series for fixed and temporary installations, always with great results,” he ended.

The Tower of Pisa was also illuminated by Sandro Iovino using 8 Solar 27Q floods and 8 EclProfile FC with 26º and 36º lenses, with kit supplied by LS Service Luciano Spera.