Prolights Illuminates the New Location of Science Park Towers

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The grand unveiling of the new Science Park Towers headquarters within the Jonkoping Science Park showcased a state-of-the-art, innovative lighting setup with PROLIGHTS fixtures.

The Science Park serves as a dynamic hub that brings together entrepreneurs, students, businesses, and individuals, fostering creativity and growth. To commemorate the opening of this new location, the project organizers turned to the expertise of FCP, specialists in lighting technology, who provided a cutting-edge lighting system featuring PROLIGHTS products.

For the inauguration event, an array of 112 PROLIGHTS projectors was deployed, including EclPar FCEclFresnel VWAstra Hybrid420 and Jet Wash7. Furthermore, a permanent installation of 94 PROLIGHTS projectors graced the new venue’s event space, comprising 24 EclFresnel VW and 70 EclPar FC projectors. The latter also served as the primary room lighting, offering remarkable versatility and exceptional light quality.

Christoffer Carpvik, the project manager, expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the EclPar FC projectors as ambient lighting: “I am deeply impressed by these devices’ ability to render vivid colors and their versatility, allowing us to adjust the lighting from cool to warm, ensuring excellent color reproduction for natural skin tones. Furthermore, they can be used to create captivating chromatic effects during events and corporate presentations, all while preserving the natural, warm ambiance that characterizes the rest of the room.

Carpvik concluded: “This project stands as an example of the extraordinary capabilities of PROLIGHTS solutions. Their quality and versatility enabled us to create an exceptional lighting experience that left the audience in awe, seamlessly aligning with the innovative and modern principles promoted by the Science Park.