PROLIGHTS Expands Its Jet Family With Two Wash Moving Lights


PROLIGHTS has updated the Jet family with two wash moving lights: the Jet Wash 7 and the Jet Wash 19, both compact, fast LED fixtures with 20W OSRAM RGBW sources. The smaller fixture, the Wash7, has seven LED emitters while the Wash19 has 19. Their wide zoom range goes from a narrow 4º beam to a wide to 56º wash.

Its advanced color mixing system has precise and advanced control with true white temperatures and saturated tones. The white CCT presets go from 2,800K – 10,000K, and the internal color system provides +/- green correction, tungsten emulation and a virtual color wheel with macros.

Just like the Astra range, there is also a linear crossfade channel from any white to a color value and a virtual CTO on colors. And, the new fixtures have an intelligent cooling system and three fan settings for noise-sensitive environments. Their newly designed shell makes them lightweight and easy to carry.