PROLIGHTS Debuts the EclNanoPanel TWC, New Smallest Member in EclPanel Range

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PROLIGHTS has debuted the EclNanoPanel TWC, the smallest member of the EclPanel range, containing all the features of the larger format soft lights in a compact-sized, battery-operated luminaire.

The new fixture has a 30W RGB+WW source, producing a 1,800-lumen output. The EclNanoPanel TWC is also Spektra calibrated, matching in color and whites as the other fixtures in the soft light range. The EclNanoPanel TWC has three precision encoders, with multiple stand-alone control modes: CCT with +/- green shift, CCT presets, HSI, saturation and intensity, RAW RGBW mode, XY and cinema effects mode.

There are also several color control modes available: RGBW, RGB, CMY, HSI, XY, RAW Direct, CCT Linear and CCT presets with +/- green shift, source emulation and industry-standard color gels. It’s also possible to create pixel mapping effects through the 4-section pixel control, using a USB-C to DMX/RDM cable or the integrated Wireless DMX control (W-DMX and CRMX).

The EclNanoPanel TWC has a long-lasting battery, with selectable battery-life options, balancing a bright output for a shorter time (approximately two hours at full) to a run time upwards of 18 hours. The fixture recharges with a USB-C connector in under three hours.

Accessories include mounting adaptors for C-stands and articulated arms, suction cup mounts, magnetic mounts, camera adaptors, among others. Not only that, but there are four magnetic beam-shaping filters, barn doors, and DoP choice accessories for all kinds of applications.