PROLIGHTS Debuts EclDisplay CRMX Series for Gallery Applications


PROLIGHTS announced the EclDisplay CRMX series, the latest addition to the EclDisplay LED projector range for gallery applications, featuring integrated wired and wireless CRMX control. The company says the CRMX technology allows lighting integrators to program and control the projectors both wirelessly and via cable through RDM, encompassing a wide range of integrated input control protocols such as Wireless CRMX, DMX and local control via knob, ensuring flexibility in any type of application, according to PROLIGHTS.

The company says the EclDisplay CRMX series is available in the Full Color version with a 40W RGB+Warm White LED source, and in 35W Variable White versions (2700-5600K) or with 25W Fixed White at 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 5600K sources.

PROLIGHTS says the entire series is compatible with the full range of optics and accessories from the EclDisplay series, including profile (zoom and fixed) and wash optics, as well as additional optical components such as louvres and snoots. PROLIGHTS says this compatibility ensures that the fixtures can be customized to meet specific lighting requirements in various contexts, making the EclDisplay CRMX a “complete and versatile lighting solution.”