Prolights Adds New IP65-Rated LED Moving Profile Light

prolights astra profile600ip

Prolights just released the Astra Profile600IP, an IP65-rated LED moving profile light. The unit is designed for large-scale touring and exterior installations. The Astra Profile600IP offers an outstanding performance that utilizes a 600W white LED engine, reaching 21,000 lumens while achieving a flat field beam projection. Its optical system moves linearly from 7° to 62°.

This fixture has a CMY color mixing system that delivers beautiful, saturated colors, linear CTO correction from 2,700K to 5,600K, and a color wheel with six color filters plus a 5,600K high CRI filter.

Lastly, the Astra Profile600IP includes 4-layer motorized framing shutters, an animation wheel, a rotating gobo wheel, one frost filter, a 4-facet prism, and an iris.

All the specs are here: