Prolights Adds ArcPod VW Line of Tunable Floods

prolights arcpod vw

Prolights’ new ArcPod 15VW, ArcPod 27VW, and ArcPod 48VW exterior floods have a tunable white range between 2,700K to 6,500K, benefiting from their bi-color capabilities to deliver a white output while preserving a high CRI and TM30 value.

The ArcPod 15VW has a 15,000lm output, while the ArcPod 27VW has a 26,000lm output. As for the bigger version, the ArcPod 48VW, it has a brightness of 46,000lm.

All are housed in an IP66 weatherproofed die-cast aluminum enclosure and a fanless design, making it adaptable for any permanent outdoor installation.

While the ArcPod fixtures have diverse native beam angles, Prolights says it developed additional optics that can be placed in front of the floods and vary the units’ angles.