PROLIGHTS AIR6PIX illuminate the “RAF-TOZZI European Tour”

690 1“Tour of the year”. That’s how music critics called the series of concert held by Raf and Umberto Tozzi, two among the most popular Italian singers and song writers. They shared the stage for the very first time in front of the huge audience who attended every show of the “Raf-Tozzi European Tour”.
Massimo Tomasino, lighting designer involved in this event, has lighted up their performance by bringing on stage PROLIGHTS AIR6PIX, producing a stunning set of aerial effects.
“The idea was to create a set up which could recall the 80s” said Massimo.
“But, at the same time, it was important to me be able to bring on stage light effects offering added value to the design I had in my mind. I explained the artists that using powerful lights in plain 80s style, together with modern LED projectors like AIR6PIX, would have made a big difference, making the entire stage set so impactful.
Both Raf and Umberto trusted my ideas, appreciating so much the product and the final result.
PROLIGHTS solutions provide an amazing output and endless possibilities. Thanks to their wide range of colours and animation effects, there’s no limit to a designer’s imagination and creativity. PROLIGHTS products guarantee high quality and amazing performances, that’s why they’re a safe choice in all my projects. It’s always a pleasure working with this brand”.