Projectors: The Big Picture in Government and Education Technologies


By Jon Grodem, Sr. Director, Planning & Strategy
Optoma Technology, Inc.

At first glance, the AV needs of government and higher education spaces seem to be vastly different. To think that the hardware used in a control and command center or government training room can be leveraged in a university lecture hall or large classroom is difficult to grasp, However, despite the various differences of these installation environments, they share common AV needs that can be easily addressed by projection technology.


Since projectors were first introduced to the AV industry decades ago, they have completely transformed from the large, lower-resolution, lamp and required regular maintenance. Today, ProAV projectors are designed to accommodate spaces ranging from small conference rooms to large auditoriums, and often feature integrated features that ensure seamless installations. From shorter throw ratios to built-in warping and blending features, projectors in the market today can be easily installed at virtually any projection angle or distance.

High Brightness

Another similarity between government and higher education spaces is the need for large, bright, high-definition images for government training rooms, command centers, classrooms or lecture halls. These environments can benefit from projection technology offering image clarity, color precision and vibrancy, especially in spaces with ambient lighting. With small-to-medium sized projectors now offering high image resolutions, as well as more lumens and greater contrast ratios, they can produce the large high-fidelity images that are required for various government and higher-education applications.


Bigger products aren’t always better, especially when it comes to equipping smaller classrooms and meeting rooms. – think field representatives, trainers and campaign managers traveling on-the-go with their projectors in tow. Easy to transport, portable projectors in today’s market don’t skimp on features and brightness and can address the needs of professional installations without the extra bulk and heavy investment. And they sure beat lugging around a giant TV.

Low Cost of Ownership

Providing incredible reliability and consistent light output, laser phosphor projectors not only guarantee dependable operation and longevity but also superior image quality. For government installations, such as surveillance applications, where 24/7 operation is required, laser light projectors offer extended performance and long-term value. In addition, in large auditoriums and lecture halls where access to mounted projectors can be a challenge, laser light source projectors are an ideal option that require minimal maintenance.

Ranging from WXGA to WUXGA resolutions, the Optoma ProScene ZH506T, ZU506T and ZW506-W projectors are well-equipped to accommodate the various needs of government and education installations. Featuring more than 5,000 lumens of brightness, a 300,000:1 contrast ratio and 4K HDR compatibility, these laser projectors produce stunningly rich colors and image quality in a compact and lightweight design. With up to 30,000 hours of operation and vertical lens shift, four corner correction, and 360-degree and portrait mode performance, the projectors provide unrivaled installation flexibility and incredible reliability for a variety of professional environments. Coupled with multiple HDMI and VGA inputs for connectivity to high quality 4K HDR content, the Optoma ZH506T, ZU506T and ZW506-W provide premium performance and guarantee long-term value at a low investment.

Projection technology has progressed by leaps and bounds since first being introduced many decades ago, and system integrators have a plethora of projection options that can meet their government and higher education application needs. As projector technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see further innovation in the space that allows for additional flexibility, brighter performance and increased collaboration.

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