Projecta’s Parallax Screen Blocks Ambient Light, Will Be Shown at ISE 2016

projecta-parallax-0116Projecta’s Parallax is a projection technology that features an optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light. Parallax is made up of multiple micro-layers to achieve its light blocking properties and superior viewing angles. Each micro-layer has a function in creating the brightly lit display. Layers that are black boost contrast and absorb ambient light from the sides, while a specially shaped layer blocks light from above. It’s designed to compete with those from dnp. Projecta will show Parallax at ISE 2016 next month in Amsterdam.

Projecta_Logo_Color-0116Two ambient light rejecting surfaces are available in a fixed frame; Parallax 0.8 for standard throw projectors and Parallax UST 0.45 for ultra short-throw projectors. Both products are flexible, shipping in a roll, and feature speckle and glare-free surfaces.

The Parallax line can be seen here.