Project Highlight – Worthy Brewing’s Hopservatory


Look up there!   In the air! Do you see it?  It looks like a brewery.  No, wait.  It looks like an observatory? What is it?!?!  It’s a Hopservatory!

Our local paper, the Bend Bulletin,  featured an article on it. Check it out.

Worthy Brewing to erect a “hopservatory” as part of their two-story expansion.

Owner: Obsidium LLC

General contractor: SunWest Builders, Redmond

Architect: Ascent Architecture & Interiors, Bend

Details: Worthy Brewing owner Roger Worthington isn’t ready to disclose the final detail about the “hopservatory” contractors are erecting as part of a two-story expansion of the brewpub on Bend’s east side.

Patio guests continue to drink and dine alfresco while builders finish work on a 3,880-square-foot project to expand the indoor dining area and add an 80-seat, second-story banquet area and separate bar. Cost of construction is about $1 million, according to a building permit the city issued in December.

The piece that sets the project apart is a 50-foot tower where Worthington plans to install a telescope for stargazing. The observatory plan required a variance from the maximum allowable building height of 45 feet.

When Worthy CEO Chris Hodge announced the expansion project in May 2015, he said Worthington hoped to find a telescope with some history to cap off the project. Tuesday, Hodge said Worthington planned an announcement about the telescope in his own time.

“It’s a great story,” Hodge said.

The project is expected to be complete in August, said Worthy spokeswoman Lindsay Landgraf. A temporary plywood wall separates the work area from guests on the outdoor deck; garage doors will eventually replace the plywood. The banquet room will permit the brewpub to rent space for events like wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners, she said. The open-air, second-story bar will be limited to customers age 21 and over, she said.

Audio Visual Bend brings in the best for design and equipment.

Live Streaming from NASA – Are you ready for some AV details???  This expansion area will have three 49″ flat displays showing the live stream from the Malin Telescope and from NASA TV on the main floor. A kiosks, area combined with orbit speakers, will complement the experience.

The Beermuta Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  However, no one will be left behind in the new Beermuta Triangle.  This area will feature an inside/outside bar accessible from the main dining area or from outside via the two large garage doors.  Music and visual displays will occupy the background in this area with the ability to turn the TV’s into virtual banners broadcasting Worthy’s latest flavors and events.

The Top Down Order of Visual Excitement

  1. The Dome-Telescope location where visitors will pay to get a peek into the lens of the scope and will be able to view a large display for multiple viewers for maximum viewing ability,
  2. The Control Room with simple touch panels, keeping the control where it belongs, and
  3. The Kiosk is in the lower level viewing area with three 49″ TVs

The Event Area – The Event Area will be the hub for meeting and group events within the building.  This will be outfitted with High Definition, color bright projection and distributed sound for all attendees.  The connectivity will be flawless for all those BYOD presenters.

Worthy Rendering_800 pix

Hope to see you there in the very near future!


Tony, the AV guy