Primeview Expands LED Poster Offerings With New Indoor and Outdoor Rated Options

Primeview announces new outdoor and indoor LED Poster digital signage offerings designed for wayfinding, advertising, digital merchandising, concierge and self-service applications.

Designed to support both indoor and outdoor signage needs, Primeview’s says the posters are easy to install, operate and maintained are 24/7 rated.

Primeview’s 1.9-millimeter (PRVLED19PSTR) indoor LED Posters feature various installation options, easy operation, multiple communication modes, high-brightness and low power consumption. The posters can mount in multiple ways such as easel, kiosk, wall and ceilings. Weighing just under 80 pounds, the posters have a thin footprint.

Primeview’s outdoor LED Posters are available in single (PRVLED39ODPSTR-S) and double-sided (PRVLED39ODPSTR-D) versions. Having a total 3.9-millimeter pixel pitch depth, Primeview’s outdoor LED Posters can bring effective advertising value to any environment. Also included are thermostat-controlled fans that quietly adjust to the environment from inside to ensure optimal operating temperature.

The LED Posters are here.