Prime Image Debuts Time Tailor Software

Prime Image just released new Software Time Tailor (STT) that provides broadcasters with a software-based time optimization tool that optimizes the run-time of broadcast-quality video in order to create time to allow additional ad insertions into programs as well as for content trimming.

STT has the same functionality of Prime Image’s established hardware-based Time Tailor 3500 and Time Tailor Digital Media Controller (DMC) products, but can run either in a cloud environment or on a generic Dell server in the customer’s data center. All of Prime Image’s Time Tailor products provide automated micro-editing of content that maintains creative intent while creating run time for additional revenue generating opportunities.

While runtime reduction is an obvious use of Time Tailor products, Prime Image customers have also used the product for the automated trimming of content and for specific niche uses such as reducing the perception of propagation delay in studio-remote broadcasts.

The Software Time Tailor runs on Linux or Windows operating systems in a virtual machine configuration, and cloud service is an option using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. It can automate playout clock distributions for broadcast and OTT media assets, and reduce the bandwidth of OTT streams and the size of an operation media archive.

Standard features include retiming automation; multi-segment retiming with segment in/out points defined using timecode; an embedded transcoder that supports MOV, MXF, and Mp4 containers and broadcast codecs; 1080psf24, 1080i, 720P, and NTSC /PAL SD format support; up to 16 channels of audio processing with multi-track per channel formats; a tempo regulator to dynamically manage drop rate to eliminate audio tempo variation; and faster than real-time processing on a single asset with these results varying by codec and retime rate.In addition to the cloud service, other optional features include support for frame accurate closed captions; slate and black slug formatting at program start or between segments; a vertical cut log file that specifies all vertical cuts expressed in timecode or frames; a chapter retiming mode; and a black slug formatting mode to normalize black slugs in OTT streaming assets.

Prime Image is here.