Primacoustic’s EcoScapes Sound Absorption Panels Made From Recyclable Material


Primacoustic announced the launch of its new EcoScapes sound absorption panels. EcoScapes is a line of eco-friendly wall and ceiling panels ideally suited for improving acoustics in public areas such as offices, bars, restaurants, schools, or commercial spaces. The panels are made from PET, an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable material containing up to 50% recycled plastics, such as beverage bottles.

EcoScapes panels are available in a wide array of color options, finishes and configurations, including wall panels, ceiling clouds and slat panels for both walls and ceilings. The panels can also be printed with images or logos to complement the decor and ambiance of any room or space.

When paired with Primacoustic’s Broadway sound absorption panels — made from high-performance glass wool that delivers critical listening broadband absorption across all frequencies — the result is a complete and versatile family of acoustic panels from Primacoustic. The combination of EcoScapes and Broadway panels addresses the need for both high-quality sound absorption and a desire to match the aesthetics and design in a room or space, whether a recording studio, a house of worship or a corporate boardroom.

A major component of what sets EcoScapes apart from other sound absorption panels is the line’s environmentally-friendly PET composition. PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a thermoplastic, free from glues, binders or any red-listed items. This means the high-density, durable EcoScapes panels are odorless, non-allergenic, mildew-resistant and safe to handle without protective gear.

EcoScapes brings an environmentally-friendly sense of functional elegance to Primacoustic’s complete line of sound absorption panels. Functional in that the panels offer superior sound absorption for a wide range of environments; elegance in the sense that the panels can be customized in terms of color and shape to complement the aesthetics and decor of any room or space.