Primacoustic Paintables Now Available in Room Kit Combinations

prim-acoustic-paintables-1015Primacoustic is making the Paintables version of its London 8 and London 10 room kits. These kits include everything you need to turn any room into a studio or home theater.

Designed to address acoustical concerns that are common to all rooms, London kits help control primary reflections, flutter echo and excessive bass.  Panels are mounted using Impalers that eliminate the use of wall-damaging glue. The London room kits include all the necessary hardware including wall anchors, screws and even a drill bit, for a quick and easy installation. Each acoustic panel is made from high density 6lb glass wool for even absorption and the panels are edge-treated with resin and then fully encapsulated with micromesh to prevent dusting.

Originally available in a choice of grey, beige and black fabric coating, the new Paintables are now available in pre-painted Absolute White. Unique is the ability to lightly spray paint the panels without disturbing the acoustic properties.

As with all Primacoustic panels, the Paintables have been independently tested for acoustic performance and to achieve stringent Class-A fire ratings, making them safe for use in all types of installations in all jurisdictions around the world. The Paintables London 8 and London 10 kits are $229.99 and $499.99, respectively.

Here are the details.