LG Generates Biggest Hype at CES So Far – But, Press Misses Best LG Product Completely!


Every publication covering CES — including the residential and commercial AV one’s – have covered LG’s demo of a “rollable” or “foldable” screen as if it’s the biggest thing, ever.

And, it may very well turn out to be.

But, he truth is, it’s nothing but publicity-based hype.

Sure, it’s interesting and, look at that photo – it’s awesome. It’s simply beautiful. But, let’s be honest here, this technology is YEARS away. And, we will see numerous iterations of it.

So, why are so many publications “leading” with it this week at CES?

Well, because CES 2016 is BORING. A lot of ‘not much improvement’, so far, and not much creativity. Many of the tech biggies – companies that are actually DRIVING technology, aren’t even exhibiting: Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook. But, what’s ironic is that well over 300 exhibitors have not mentioned one of those companies in their new product releases.

So, back to this bendable screen in the LG booth. Meh. What’s getting barely any attention at CES – and is a way, way bigger deal than a rollable screen in 2016 is LG’s 55″ dual-sided monitor/TV (it’s less than an inch thick).

Watch this video of it.