PreSonus Integrates Rational Acoustics Measurement Technology

presonus-0112PreSonus has embedded Rational Acoustics’ Smaart Measurement technology into the software used to control its StudioLive digital mixers. PreSonus’ Virtual StudioLive (VSL) remote-control/editor/librarian software will now incorporate Smaart Spectra and Smaart Locator, both tools for sound-system analysis and optimization, as part of PreSonus Universal Control 1.6, expected to be available later this spring.

Smaart is not a single technology but a collection of audio measurement tools and techniques. It allows users to tap into the power of the StudioLive mixer’s EQ to improve the sound of their P.A. system. With Smaart-enhanced VSL, users can view the spectral content of their mix in real time, and easily make changes. Clicking on the Graphic Equalizer button in Universal Control 1.6, Smaart Spectra’s Real Time Analyzer activates Spectrograph’s algorithms, displaying the spectral content of whatever is routed though a particular graphic EQ. Users can activate a Real Time Analyzer, much like the plug-in used in PreSonus’ Studio One 2.

Smaart Spectra Spectrograph display itself supposedly allows users to easily tune their P.A. speakers to the room. Smaart Spectra graphs a continuous series of spectrum measurements, showing frequency on one axis, time on another and level indicated by colors — making it particularly useful for quickly identifying feedback frequencies, which can be easily addressed using StudioLive GEQs.

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