Premium Wire and Cable Brand ICE Cable Systems Now Manufacturing in the USA

ICE Cable REELEX Coil Wind Being Packaged into Pull Box resized scaled

According to ICE president Brian Rizzo, the move benefits installers, protecting them from supply chain shortages, and enhancing their installation experiences by way of improved product quality and customization.

Austin, TX – May 10, 2024 – ICE Cable Systems, a leading brand of premium low-voltage wire and cable products announced today that it is now manufacturing in the United States.

“By building these products in the US we are eliminating overseas supply chain risks. It has long been our position that customers should partner with businesses that will allow them to conduct business in a normal and healthy way regardless of world events,” said Rizzo.

Founded in 2004 by President Brian Rizzo, ICE serves the CEDIA and adjacent markets with a full assortment of low-voltage wire and cable, HDMI cable and accessories. ICE’s value proposition has always been premium yet competitively priced solutions that save installers time, increase performance, and improve safety. The company has been steadfast in educating installers about what goes into the making of premium wire and cable and the pitfalls of using sub-standard and counterfeit offerings.

For many years Rizzo sourced and oversaw production at overseas factories – initially in China, and later in Taiwan. Mandatory for Rizzo was that the factories would meet his stringent standards for materials, compliance, and at his own significant expense, the utilization of REELEX’s carton payout technology.

After COVID-19, Rizzo relocated the company from Los Angeles, CA to Austin, TX. In a move to shield ICE and its dealers from potential global supply shortages such as those experienced because of the pandemic, Rizzo charted a new course, transitioning manufacturing to the US.

These past several years ICE has sourced and begun collaborating with domestic factories to provide the core/raw cable it requires, with the associated finishing work like coil winding, printing, and packaging now done by ICE. Bringing end-point production to Austin allows ICE to further reduce supply chain risk and apply additional innovation and customization.

Recent advancements include:
• The first innovation is ICE’s new Cat 6 cable. Replacing the traditional spine with a unique separator, the cable is 12% smaller in diameter with improved flexibility. This makes installation much easier.

• In-house cable jacket printing: State-of-the-art Keyence printers have been implemented into the REELEX production line. This means that ICE’s iLabel print legend markers are visually sharper than ever – an additional convenience for installers.

• The latest (fourth generation) REELEX coil-winding machinery has been implemented in Austin. This figure-eight coil produces the highest precision and fastest pulling coils possible.

• Full control over the packaging process gives ICE the ability to customize the size and shape of different coils and precisely integrate them into pull-boxes.

Watch for several big ICE Cable Systems announcements in coming weeks.

ICE Cable Systems can be reached at 512-915-2220 or by visiting