Premier’s LCD Slider Finally Has a Part Number

It’s official. Premier will build one of our favorite new products from InfoComm: the LCD Slider. This is something every K-12 and higher ed classroom will wish they had – buy this instead of a barely-ever-used document camera!

The concept of the design for the FPS-CPT LCD Slider mount is to provide a simple, stationary wall-mounted unit utilizing gas shocks to provide a steady resistance to help gently glide the display to the desired height. A great option for educational use in the classroom or training and information sessions, the concept mount uses steel channels to mount the display over the top of a chalkboard or whiteboard. The mount then easily glides the display across the whiteboard with movement accommodated by rubberized rollers to provide a smooth horizontal motion. Other options may be available for the slider including a motorized vertical capability.

Here’s how to order it.