Premier Ships Ceiling Pipe Adapter for Symmetry

premier-sym-pa-0908The Premier SYM-PA Pipe Adapter allows you to suspend displays from the ceiling, for single-side or back-to-back displays, and works with the SYM-PAC Pipe Adapter Cover to deliver an appealing aesthetic for ceiling applications.

The Symmetry Series line is a configurable solution that reduces installation time by over 40% compared to single display mounting solutions. It is designed for single and multi-site deployments where a repeatable installation is important, and offers these benefits including:

  • Easy-to-install, two component design using an interface bar and a set of display brackets
  • 6-point (x,y,z) precise adjustment features for easy display alignment
  • Built-in service kickstand for 9° of access
  • Versatile for wall, stand & ceiling installations
  • One system that can be configured to fit a wide variety of digital signage needs, including video walls, digital menu boards, and transportation

Here are all the tech specs.