Premier Debuts Projector Mounts With Custom Brackets, Announces New Swing-Arm Display Mounts

Premier announced the PDS Series of projector mounts, which feature custom brackets made by Premier Dedicated Solutions (PDS, thus, the product name), a new division of the company that specializes in custom fabrication and dedicated bracketry.
The PDS Series is designed to be very low profile and to fit the top-selling projectors in the industry, plus Premier will offer new PDS models to accommodate new projectors as they hit the market. The company says this is the first large-scale production from the new division.

The mounts include Premier Mounts’ Lock-It Security System, which consists of special security screws and a custom Allen key. The mounts allow have cable management within a pipe, dedicated mounting plates for specific projectors, 4-axis, tilt and rotation adjustments, and adaptable lateral shift brackets.

The new universal swingout arm is the AM250, a scissor-style unit that uses Premier’s Griplate System for holding the display without the need for excessive torque on the mounting hardware. This mount can pull displays up to 18 inches from the wall and retract to less than five inches. It also allows the display to tilt down ten degrees and pivot to the left or right 45 degrees.

MSRP is $299.99.