Premier Adds Model-Specific Mounts to Line

Premier 0111

Premier-0111Way back when, the market only had model-specific projector mounts – then universal mounts arrived. But, many universal mounts have bulky features that not every projector uses or every installer needs. Thus, Premier Mounts’ new model-specific projector mounts help minimize the time needed to install a projector by only giving you a mount specifically for your application and projector. And, according to Premier, they’re a big cost saver for projects that require installing a large number of projectors. Installation time is reduced because these mounts have mounting-hole patterns designed for specific projector models. Simply attach the mounting plate to the projector, then hook and fasten the mounting plate/projector assembly to the mount. Premier Mounts recently released model-specific Fine-Tune Projector (FTP) and PDS mounts for projectors from Sanyo (FTP/PDS-088), Mitsubishi (FTP/PDS-089), Sharp (FTP/PDS-091), NEC (FTP/PDS-092) and Christie (FTP/PDS-093).