PPDS Unveils New ‘Impervious’ Ultra High Brightness 4K Philips Digital Signage Display

Philips High Bright 4000 Series

PPDS, aka Philips professional displays and solutions, has announced the launch of its new, slimline Philips High Bright 4000 Series, delivering uncompromised picture clarity and performance to any indoor or semi-outdoor environment, including in challenging, highly lit areas.

Unveiled and demonstrated for the first time at ISE 2023 (Philips booth 3P600), this latest evolution to PPDS’ already bestselling Philips High Bright range brings even greater levels of choice, flexibility and opportunities for businesses wishing to make a big impression with their digital signage communications, with the 4000 Series guaranteeing rich and reliable around-the-clock high bright viewing experiences.

Designed for content that demands to be seen at all times, the new models come equipped with the latest hardware and software features and innovations from PPDS, including advanced 2500 cd/m2 (55”) and 3000 cd/m2 (75”) high brightness.

From retail stores to public venues, the new portrait and landscape mountable High Bright 4000 Series is perfect for installations in or near environments exposed to ever-changing ambient lighting conditions, including near or behind glass frontage.

Ultimate visibility
The Philips High Bright 4000 Series will comfortably handle any lighting condition it is exposed to – including direct sunlight – allowing content to be displayed and enjoyed as intended, day and night. Perfect for shop window displays and public information areas.

Complementing and extending the Philips High Bright H-Line range to five, the new 4000 Series is available in 55” (55BDL4002H/00) and UHD 75” (75BDL4003H/00) model variants, featuring an all-new super slim design*, up to 34mm thinner than previous H-Line models, while the 17.5mm (55”) and 18.8mm (75”) bezel ensures a slick and stylish presentation and viewing experience.

Whether communicating inside or catching the eyes of people across the street, this latest Philips High Bright Series is a perfect accompaniment and extension to Philips digital signage solutions within the PPDS portfolio.

Andrea Barbuti, Global Product Manager – Total Solutions at PPDS commented: “Sunlight is one of the biggest natural challenges for digital signage and, as businesses look to extend and drive their communications, whether in a retail shop window, or delivering the latest travel information in an airport, it’s essential they are able to deliver their messaging in the clearest and most effective way. For many displays on the market, those ambitions cannot be achieved to the desired standard at all times, compromising the overall experience. With the High Bright 4000 Series from PPDS, these obstacles are overcome.”

Inform, entertain, inspire
Mirroring and complementing the range of Philips digital signage sizes and solutions within an ever-evolving portfolio, the new Philips High Bright 4000 Series can be powered by Android SoC via the optional CRD50 module, delivering the benefits and familiarity of a powerful machine.

Evolved and influenced using extensive feedback from existing customers and the company’s valued Global Partner Alliance members around the world, the 4000 Series is shipped with extensive out-of-the box features and functionalities for seamless set up and running.

As part of this important upgrade, these new displays are fitted with two additional intelligent thermal management sensors integrated into the narrow bezel frame, allowing each display’s temperatures to be intelligently regulated and monitored at all times, maintaining ideal operating conditions and performance.

Included within its vast range of features, the Philips High-Bright range also delivers on PPDS’ recently announced sustainability focus and strategy promises, helping customers to reduce their energy consumption and extending product lifetime. With embedded light sensors, brightness levels will automatically adjust to the changing conditions of the day for consistent viewing experiences, while helping to reduce running costs and extend product lifetime for enhanced RoI and reduced WEEE disposal. The range is packed and shipped in recycled packaging, including reduced-size brown boxing, printed with only soy-based one colour ink, and the removal of plastic bags for accessories.

You’re in control
Compatible with PPDS Wave – the evolutionary cloud-based platform unlocking the power, versatility and intelligence inside Philips professional displays – when used together with the optional CRD50 module, customers can experience the full potential of their Philips High Bright displays, with effortless management, monitoring, plus advanced scheduling and content creation (such as marketing campaigns and ad hoc promotions) all via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Whether for changes to a retail promotion, an exciting new exhibit at a museum or gallery, or a simple but vital service update at a local transport hub, content can be created and displayed in an instant.

When failure is not an option
When failure is simply not an option, and reliability is paramount, Philips High Bright 4000 Series displays also feature PPDS’ market leading FailOver technology, ensuring Philips professional displays will never be blank, automatically switching between primary and secondary inputs to ensure content keeps playing even if the primary source goes down.