PPDS Signs Three New Partnerships to Add Personalization to Philips Hotel TVs

PPDS Three PartnershipsPPDS announced three new partnerships with hospitality industry Property Management System (PMS) integrators Nonius, Nevotek and Imagine Soft. Opening up over one hundred additional PMS possibilities, these partnerships help hoteliers maximize the full potential of their in-room TVs for advanced and tailored guest experiences.

Part of PPDS’ new “total solutions” strategy to bring unrivaled and unrestricted choice to the hospitality market, these collaborations add extensive experience-enhancing control, management, communication and entertainment capabilities to Philips MediaSuite TVs. The capabilities run on a bespoke interface that conforms to the customer’s exact needs, requirements and ambitions.

The new platforms provide a variety of personalized services for guests such as welcome messaging, bill viewing, native language selection, personalized offers and mobile check-in and check-out services, not typically available on standard interface solutions.

With no additional hardware requirements for Philips MediaSuites needed, each of the partners’ platforms link with the TVs’ existing OS. These include the recently launched embedded Netflix solution and the Chromecast built-in functionality.

The platforms also allow hoteliers to offer tailored TV portals such as TV channels, movies or sports. They can also integrate other third-party solutions of their choosing such as Apple TV, Sky, BT, VoD, news and weather, local attractions and transport information.