PPDS Revolutionizes Mid-West Retailer Kwik Trip’s In-store Marketing With 1,000 Philips Digital Signage Installations Across 700 Sites

Kwik Trip Lacrosse Store 1

ATLANTA – PPDS, a market leader for innovative display solutions for businesses, is excited to announce more
than 1,000 of its advanced range of Philips Android-powered digital signage displays have been installed inside
all 700 Kwik Trip convenience stores in the mid-west, revolutionizing its marketing and communications and
driving new revenue streams.

Serving more than 8 million customers each week, the retailer – notorious along the highways of Wisconsin,
Minnesota, and Iowa – began executing its digital signage rollout strategy in 2018 as part of a store
modernizing program, with the final installation recently completed in the city of La Crosse (pictured).

Working closely with PPDS throughout the upgrades, the La Crosse store includes a range of 11 attention-
grabbing, feature-rich and highly reliable (less than 1pc fail rate), 43”, 49” and 55” Philips D-Line displays. For
maximum visual impact these displays are strategically placed throughout the aisles to continually connect with

Modern look / New opportunities
Providing an instant fresh look and feel to customers versus the previously manually manage signage and
frequently disposed of printed posters used to market its products are now replaced with vibrant, colorful,
ever-evolving and engaging live digital displays.  Kwik Trip is now able to engage with its customers in a modern
way and keep it current by being able to make quick and simple updates. By showcasing their hot food menu
items at targeted times of the day, these displays are able to keep things relevant to customer needs.

Using Digital Touch Systems content management software, all screens across the entire Kwik Trip estate can
now easily be controlled and managed entirely remotely from the corporate headquarters, allowing material to
be created and delivered to all, or selected, screens with one centralized action.

Kwik Trip has seen a significant increase in hot food sales, thanks to the use of vivid food photography. This
visualization helps customers see what the food looks like under the wrappers. The use of digital signage has
provided Kwik Trip with the flexibility to quickly test new products, and messaging across all stores as ways of
identifying new revenue streams.

Peace of mind / financial benefits
Thanks to Philips D-Line’s ‘FailOver’ peace of mind security, ensuring no screen ever goes blank and content is
continually playing, customers will always be alert and able to take advantage of the latest offers and
promotions in store.

Displays have also provided Kwik Trip with substantial cost savings, estimated to be around $1.9 million, thanks
to its built-in Android backed System on Chip (SoC) processing system, eliminating the need for pricey external
media players.

Key factors in Kwik Trip’s decision to select the Philips D-Line product were the inclusion of SoC, which enables
faster and more versatile management, as well as automatic updates to ensure apps stay up to date. Also, our
industry leading 3-year advance exchange warranty – entitling customers to a replacement device in the
unlikely event of a fault that cannot be fixed remotely.

Mark Meisner, Director of Marketing and Advertising, Kwik Trip, commented: “The decision to go with PPDS
came down to their System-on-Chip functionality, which led to significant cost savings over others. Also, a great
(three year) warranty that helped us feel comfortable about the investment.”

Joe King, Vice President, PPDS, North America, added: “Here at PPDS, our focus has and will always be to
provide our customers with the tools they need to be the very best that they can be – whether that’s in retail,
hospitality, education, corporate, or healthcare among others.”

“Working with Kwik Trip and their integration partners, we were able to fulfil their high demands with a
solution designed specifically to meet their requirements and while providing them with an advanced, best in
class solution, positioned them for maximum ROI and significant cost savings.”

King concluded: “We understand the competition in the digital signage market is high, and for us to continue to
attract nationally recognized retailers like Kwik Trip speaks volumes about, not only our quality of products but
our quality of service after the sale.”