PPDS Partners With i3 Technologies for Education Software Solutions

ppdsPPDS (aka Philips) has partnered with education software solutions specialist i3 Technologies. Now, PPDS’ interactive touch screen displays come with access to i3LEARNHUB, i3 Technologies’ cloud-based digital creation and learning platform. The platform is designed to enable teachers to bring digital content to students, stimulate collaboration and prepare students with 21st-century learning skills.

Complementing the Philips T-Line’s existing features and capabilities, the addition of i3LEARNHUB provides teachers and students with access to a range of new educative and collaborative tools. i3LEARNHUB not only provides a library of tools and images, it also has a community of over 50,000 educational professionals that use it every day in the classroom.

Accessible via the i3MARKETPLACE, teachers (and content publishers) can make their own pre-created lesson plans, freely and openly available to the entire community for use and tailoring. i3LEARNINGHUB at a glance:

  • Educational content for all ages: i3LEARNHUB offers exciting content creation resources ranging from a collaborative, digital whiteboard to a vast library of rich, digital content. This includes augmented reality (AR) and 3D content.
  • Introduce fun and create engaging activities: Create tons of activities with your own text and images and share them with your students with the click of a button. Find new ways to teach material in an engaging way, remote or on location.
  • Cloud storage: Save time and repurpose your meticulously curated private content repository (Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive) with i3LEARNHUB in one go. Your assets are available every time you open the i3LEARNHUB gallery. Manage the content individually or in bulk from your desktop explorer. There is no need to create or import weird file and folder formats.
  • Capture anything and bring it to the classroom with i3LENS: Turn your phone/mobile device into a document camera and embed field trip pictures in lesson activities. Name images and tag them with keywords. Images captured with i3LENS are automatically uploaded to your i3LEARNHUB personal gallery and ready for use in lesson activities.
  • Augmented reality tools: i3LEARNHUB is the only software in the world that recognizes physical tools such as the protraction triangle, compass and ruler, combining traditional and digital learning tools. This makes it easier for students to understand concepts around shape, size and geometrical positioning.
  • Activate students with minimal preparation time: i3LEARNHUB is a cloud-based platform that is easily accessible on any device.
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