PPDS Launches Philips Genius Educational Software Aimed at K-12 Schools

PPDS Infocomm

PPDS (aka: Philips Professional Displays) announced the launch of its new, technology agnostic Philips Genius educational software, bringing unrestricted collaborative teaching and learning experiences to any classroom and on any interactive display.

A year in development, Philips Genius – the first in-house educational software from PPDS – is a brand new, GDPR compliant platform, bringing together all-inclusive tools and capabilities for educators to effortlessly create and deliver highly professional and engaging ‘intelligence-led’ lesson plans for smarter and more inspired classroom experiences, according to the brand.

Designed with educators for education and brought together by PPDS’ team of future focused in-house developers, the company says the application brings previously unseen levels of support, not only in delivering elevated classroom experiences for students, also in supporting their own wellbeing, and ensuring a healthier work-life balance.

Secure and easy to navigate, PPDS says the Philips Genius enables educators to create their lesson plans, either directly on an interactive display, or remotely – 24/7 – via a web browser, or a dedicated app, compatible with any Android, Windows and iOS device, for their convenience.

All content is saved to a personal Philips Genius account/library and can be retrieved and displayed on interactive displays with Philips Genius installed within seconds of the educator entering the room. PPDS says this ensures a speedy and seamless set-up, and consistent experiences in all locations.

Logging in is fast and secure, with educators simply scanning the on-screen QR code using the camera on their own connected device, or by directly inputting their unique username and password.