PPDS Debuts the Philips Cast Server for Simplifying Hotel TV

ppds philips cast hotel tvs

PPDS announced the Philips Cast Server, a dedicated hotel TV solution designed to deliver seamless and secure casting and app streaming experiences for hoteliers and their guests. The new all-in-one Philips Cast Server has Chromecast built-in and PPDS says it was developed with feedback from customers, hotel managers and guests. PPDS says the single unit rack mounted device brings a new option for installations, integrating into a hotel’s existing IP network to deliver a secure and private connection, with remote management access, allowing guests to simply access and cast their own content directly to their in room TVs.

Guests can pair their phone or other mobile device with the TV by scanning the QR code displayed on the TV screen, with no need to connect to an alternative Wi-Fi network. Once the pairing process is successful, guests can instantly and securely cast content from their preferred accounts (including DAZN, Disney+, Prime, YouTube, and more) directly onto the TV.

Mirroring the experience of other Chromecast built-in Philips Professional TVs, using Philips Cast Server content can be cast and viewed within seconds of a guest entering the room, with TVs — even those in standby mode — responding and becoming active upon the universally recognised Chromecast symbol being tapped on their cast-enabled app.

Cast Server product (1)Philips Cast Server claims to offer hoteliers access to a fully GDPR-compliant system, delivering relevant management statistics on the usage of cast applications (such as the popularity of YouTube, Prime, etc.) — with all personal data removed — helping to gain greater insight into user habits for any future decision making. And that is not all.

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In addition, the Philips Cast Server has been built around PPDS’ exclusive professional grade CMND platform, offering hoteliers a range of on-screen customization opportunities, including tailored backgrounds (colors and images) to suit their company branding on a highly intuitive TV user interface.

Available globally — including in EMEA, North America, and Asia — the Philips Cast Server from PPDS can be purchased on an initial five-year, up-front license, extendable annually thereafter. License plans include Small (up to 80 rooms), Medium (up to 150 rooms), Large (up to 250 rooms), Extra Large (up to 350 rooms), and Double Extra Large (up to 500 rooms), with opportunities to extend further on a project-by-project basis.