PPDS Announces the Creation of its Third Regional Business Cluster in Europe

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PPDS (aka: Philips digital signage) announced the creation of its third regional business cluster in Europe, combining the strengths of its Nordics and Benelux teams to facilitate new, enhanced growth opportunities.

Part of PPDS’ “Business Without Boundaries” strategy, and mirroring recent positive geographical clustering in PPDS’ other burgeoning markets — including Iberia and France, and Central Eastern Europe and Poland — the latest phase of PPDS’ evolution sees the business magnify the existing strengths of its Nordics and Benelux sales teams to support the company’s ambitious growth target.As part of the new structure – which is already seeing positive results in other geographical markets – Roeland Scholten has been promoted to the newly-created position of Sales Director BNL and Nordics. Based in Amsterdam, Roeland will see his responsibilities extended to lead and drive sales opportunities in the Baltics, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, as well as his existing territory in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Roeland will be tasked with managing and further accelerating this growth across all products within PPDS’ evolving portfolio of display solutions in the combined markets.

Franck Racapé, head of global commercial at PPDS, said, “Roeland’s drive to succeed is well-known within our company and the industry and I am very pleased to expand his role, harnessing his energy to capture the incredible opportunities ahead in this combined market space. I have huge admiration for the hard work of our teams in both the Nordics and Benelux and we have designed this new structure to support them both in achieving their individual goals and our business ambitions.”