PPDS Announces Philips T-Line Touch Displays for Education

PPDSPPDS announced the availability of the Philips T-Line — a new range of interactive touch displays designed exclusively for education. First unveiled at ISE 2020 in February, the new Android-powered T-Line integrates an Android-based processor in a 65”, 75”and 86” interactive LCD display. Mounted to the wall like a traditional whiteboard or blackboard, T-Line displays combine all the features and functionality of a traditional interactive display, but with T-Line, students are actively encouraged to participate and collaborate. Each display features multitouch interaction, as well as high-speed technology and optimized glass coating to deliver a normal writing experience, allowing multiple students to physically interact with the display (20 touch points, simultaneously). The displays can also connect with a keyboard and mouse and have the functionality to support Active Pen technology.

Ensuring students always have the best view of the screen, T-line — running from a secure wireless connection — allows up to 64 students to connect their personal computing devices directly to the display at the same time, while work on up to four students’ devices can be shared onto the display at any one time.

Supporting all major operating systems, including Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS, students can contribute to lessons — viewing, working with and manipulating a document without leaving their seat.

With Philips T-Line, all documents displayed and work carried out can be saved and can then be shared via third-party email apps, or stored in the cloud, ensuring students never miss a thing, while also being kinder to the environment, reducing paper waste.

With additional accessories, such as audio sound bars and cameras, and supporting programs such as Zoom, the new Philips T-Line combines all the functionality of a high-end videoconferencing system, opening untold opportunities for further learning and interactions.

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Features include:

Enhanced lessons: Connect to social and web-based application to pull live feeds, data and mixed media for a classroom that’s filled with rigorous content suitable for all levels of education.

Powered by Android: Optimized for native Android apps, you can install these directly from PPDS’ CMND app store. Regular updates ensure your apps stay up-to-date and compliant as features and the security protocols required evolve.

Interactive whiteboard: Inspire creative collaboration in the classroom with whiteboard mode. Simply activate this feature to turn your display into a blank canvas that can be drawn on by hand or using dedicated display styluses by multiple people in the room. Everything on screen can then be sent digitally for easy printing or file sharing between teachers and students.

Always up to date: The Philips T-Line has been designed for intuitive functionality that combines everyday digital experiences with the latest educational practices.

Multitouch technology: With 20 touch points, the Philips T-Line includes a collaborative and competitive interactive experience that combines visual, audio and kinesthetic content. It is is also enabled with a USB connector for true plug-and-play operation.