PPDS (aka: Philips) Adds Appspace to the Wave Platform

ppds appspace

PPDS announced that Appspace is certified as an official PPDS Wave ProStore premium application, making it easier to deploy with Philips Android SoC displays, including the Philips Signage 3000 Series (Q-Line), Philips Signage 4000 Series (D-Line) and the Philips Interactive (T-Line).


  • Digital signage: Get information across on workplace displays, allowing visitors and staff to interact.
  • Space reservation: Help everyone find and reserve rooms, desks, and more at your office locations.
  • Intranet: Unite everything employees need for work in a single hub, personalised to every worker.
  • Employee app: Reach frontline and on site teams with a mobile experience that goes everywhere.

The PPDS ProStore provides a marketplace for customers to access their preferred applications and services on their Philips Android SoC displays, while removing all limitations and concerns around compatibility, and making it easy to install preferred applications remotely out of the box.

As part of the Wave ecosystem, Appspace can now be selected, remotely distributed, updated and managed from any location, allowing full control over the display configuration and, therefore, customer experience.