Powersoft Releases New Plug-Ins for Mezzo Series and Amplifier Platforms

powersoft plug ins

Powersoft has released new plug-ins supporting Mezzo Series, and its non-DSP install dedicated amplifier platforms ranges for the Q-SYS and Crestron control ecosystems. These free-to-download plug-ins allow for network-based control of amplifier functionality via third-party systems. Also, a new Q-SYS plug-in supporting DSP+D versions of Duecanali, Quattrocanali, Ottocanali, X and T series is slated for release this summer with brand-new functionality.

The latest plug-ins extend third-party network-based interoperability to Powersoft’s new Mezzo half-rack installation amplifiers. For Mezzo, the new plug-ins allow Q-SYS and Crestron controllers to access numerous key functions, including power and standby, LED blink / identify, amplifier nickname, backup strategy mode, source selection priority, gain and mute control, polarity control and user delay. Read-only functionality allows the control unit to additionally poll and display serial numbers, mains voltage, headroom meters and a range of alarm notifications.

The new plug-ins for Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottoconali Series update and improve control via Q-SYS and Crestron for the powerful install line’s non-DSP amplifiers. Users will now have full control over mute and unmute, gain attenuation, maximum output voltage, standby OFF, and the blink/identify function. Read-only access will relay the amplifier’s name, dip-switch configurations, alarm notifications and metering.

Powersoft’s new Q-SYS plug-ins allow users to drag and drop control elements from the plug-in to create custom UIs without interrupting functionality or removing the control from the original plug-in UI. This will enable users to situate and re-skin individual controls to create workflows optimized for their needs while maintaining underlying functionality and reverting to the original plug-in layout.

In addition to Q-SYS and Crestron, Powersoft products are now supported in various control ecosystems including those from Extron, Symetrix, Xilica and Atlona.