Powersoft Offers Interactive Tour of Dynamic Music Distribution Solutions at ISE 2022


Powersoft will be offering an interactive tour of its Dynamic Music Distribution solutions, whilst immersing visitors in an unforgettable haptic experience at on its double stand at ISE 2022 (Fira de Barcelona, 10-13 May), situated on Hall 7.

Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution will take centre stage at the company’s main stand (7#M700) where experts will be on hand to guide visitors through the functionalities that DMD has to offer system integrators.

Dynamic Music Distribution presents SIs with the ability to scale inputs and zones conveniently and efficiently with dynamic routing capabilities embedded on its amplifier platforms. This makes it simple to dynamically route music and other signal sources along with control signals between different zones and across multiple amplifiers – all independently of source location and without the need for a centralized DSP.

To demonstrate the combined capabilities of Powersoft’s Mezzo amplifiers, ArmoníaPlus, WM Touch and SYS Control App, Powersoft’s booth walls will feature interactive panels, representing three different DMD application examples, allowing visitors to – for the first time on a Powersoft stand – physically explore the various combinations achievable with these applications from start to finish.

Facing the first stand, Powersoft will showcase an immersive haptic experience like no other on its second stand (#7K670) courtesy of Mover, a patented low-frequency direct-drive/tactile transducer designed to create the next generation of immersive experience.

Visitors will have the opportunity to become engulfed in the vibrations from 12 inertial drive version Movers at 4Ω, powered by three Quattrocanali DSP+D amplifiers, situated under the floor panels. To perfect the immersive feeling, an interactive video wall will be displaying content in sync with the transducers. Two of these Movers will be exposed by plexiglass floor panels, enabling visitors to take a closer look at the haptic technology in action.

Mover is able to localize and synch haptic feedback to video projection and sound, which offers a whole host of benefits to system integrators and creative audio system designers who can turn a venue into a multi-modal space without the need for an expensive AV upgrade. It can also create different haptic feedback for different zones, ensuring that sound reproduction is perfectly matched with the video projection being displayed.

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The ability to localize sound and haptic feedback across a venue means visitors can receive individualized “experiences” based on where they are standing, reducing sound spillovers and low frequencies to adjacent rooms or neighboring venues.

Adaptable to various applications, including 4D cinemas, visitor attractions and venues with vibrating acoustic floors — as well as applications that go beyond entertainment — Mover lets audiences feel the sound through haptic perception by vibrating the surrounding environment, which the human body picks up and, through bone conduction, stimulates the inner ear, translating the vibrations into perceivable frequencies.

Featuring an external coupler that lets users connect its moving mass to the receiving surface, Mover can be used in direct-drive applications in which the transducer is anchored to an immovable surface and the moving magnet is connected to a movable surface, such as a floating floor or a chair, to produce dramatic effects with extraordinary efficiency.

The life like ‘feel’ of Powersoft’s revolutionary Mover makes it a natural choice to bring to life the most tailored audio installs, ideal for cinemas, bars, clubs, simulations, visitor attractions and any other venue looking to take immersive experience at the heart of the overall customer experience. Mover was recently installed at the Illuminarium in Atlanta, an entertainment venue listed as a project finalist in the Applied Technology category of a show award which will take place on the first night of ISE.

Powersoft will be at ISE 2022 on Hall 7, stands M700 and K670.