Powersoft Mover Transducer Now Integrates With VI-Grade COMPACT FSS Simulator

powersoft vi grade

Powersoft has partnered with VI-grade, a provider of real-time simulation and professional driving simulator solutions. This collaboration introduces the integration of Powersoft’s haptic transducer, Mover, into VI-grade’s COMPACT FSS simulator.

VI-grade is a provider of software products and services, professional driving simulators and hardware-in-the-loop solutions that “accelerate product development across the transportation industry.” The company needed to upgrade the existing technology in its COMPACT FSS simulator with one that would be both more effective, powerful and realistic. The COMPACT FSS simulator, tailored for automotive OEMs, replicates a real-life car behavior and provides full-spectrum simulator from 0.5Hz to 20kHz, making it ideal for ride comfort, overall vehicle refinement characterization, and evaluating a wide range of vehicle attributes simultaneously.

Powersoft’s Mover was chosen for its compact yet robust design, ensuring optimal performance when mounted on moving/vibrating supports within the simulator. Its high force density, surpassing that of bulkier traditional shakers, and its price-to-quality ratio made it the ideal solution for the COMPACT FSS simulator.

The compact nature and power-to-size prowess means that Mover can be easily integrated into limited spaces, without orientation limits, and to provide a very high ratio between moving mass and total mass which greatly improves the overall efficiency and real-life haptic feedback of the final product.

VI-grade’s internal technical team, responsible for designing, testing and certifying the simulators, first tested Powersoft’s Mover on a static version of the simulator. Their positive experience during this phase solidified their decision to integrate Mover into the new simulator model.

The partnership between Powersoft and VI-grade involved dedicated support from Powersoft’s team, who addressed challenges including space constraints in integrating Mover into COMPACT FSS. Along with the integration of Mover, the simulator now also benefits from two new energy efficient Powersoft Mezzo amplifiers, replacing an old eight channel amplifier.