Powersoft Releases ArmoníaPlus Version 2.2 With Remote Project Collaboration Capabilities

Powersoft ArmoníaPlus 2.2 Update

Powersoft announced that version 2.2 of ArmoníaPlus is available. The update is designed to give systems integrators, designers and installers access to collaborate on projects remotely from anywhere in the world. The new feature allows users to save projects in a Microsoft-based cloud in addition to a local drive and is available in both ArmoníaPlus skins (Install and Live Sound). Project owners can access and work on files remotely from any internet-connected PC and invite their colleagues to collaborate on the project via a simple email link.

All collaborators can see the full version history of a cloud project, listed in chronological order. Installers will always have access to the latest version of the project, while system designers can provide remote support in-application. The remote storage, which is free for all registered MyPowersoft users, also provides an ideal place to archive projects after completion.

Also introduced with version 2.2 of ArmoníaPlus is the ability to monitor the status of Powersoft amplifiers via the SNMP protocol. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) provides systems integrators with information on network devices such as printers, switches and amplifiers. ArmoníaPlus’s implementation of SNMP relays essential data on the status of amplifiers and their operating conditions, including device faults and availability. Powersoft amplifiers supporting SNMP include Mezzo Series, X Series, T Series, Quattrocanali DSP+D Series, Duecanali DSP+D Series and Ottocanali DSP+D Series.

Other innovations introduced with the v2.2 upgrade include:

  • Four zones on four-channel Mezzo: users of Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD) systems are now able to drive up to four independent zones with a single 324A/AD or 604A/AD amplifier.
  • Mono-mix Dante sharing: distribution of stereo sources as mono mixes in Dante is now available in all Mezzo amplifiers. SIs using DMD can now have more global music sources available for selection in the system reducing the number of channels and flows used.
  • WM Touch network recovery: users can configure the IP address of a WM Touch, Powersoft’s wall-mounted touch-screen control solution even if the device is set in a different subnet.
  • Dante configurations warnings: ArmoníaPlus will warn users when their system design could exceed the maximum number of Dante flows available. Similarly, the software will display a warning when ArmoníaPlus users design a system that potentially generates Dante fanout conditions.
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