PowerShades Expands Its Outdoor Lineup of Shading Systems for Home and Commercial Applications


PowerShades announced an updated line of automated window shades and screens for outdoor applications. These PowerShades, designed and built for outdoor applications, are now available with a choice of two side guide options, as well as an array of new fabrics and colors. PowerShades says its new automated outdoor shades and screens extend the length of the outdoor season, while protecting furniture from harmful UV rays, keeping pests away and moderating the climate year-round.

With the availability of two new side guides, PowerShades says its automated outdoor shades can address the needs of every outdoor space and application, whether the user is a homeowner looking to transform their backyard or a restaurant owner seeking to complete an al fresco dining space. The new side guides include:

  • Wire Guide: The outdoor shade is guided up and down by tensioning wires at each end. Wire guide systems can be more versatile in shade size and design, accommodating various window and outdoor structure configurations. A discreet wire-guided solution, this system is great for floor-to-ceiling applications. The shades feature a universal bracket to fix the base of the wire guide to the floor, wall, or sides.
  • ZipperTrack: With this system, a zipper track runs down each side of the shade for ultimate closure. Designed for outside-entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandas, and balconies, the ZipperTrack offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects all year round.

In addition to the new hardware, which is available in different colors and finishes, PowerShades’ outdoor automated shades are offered in twenty new outdoor fabric options, with colors to suit every aesthetic, such as white, desert sand, sandstone, dusk grey, brown, black/brown and black. Also, with three new opacities — 20%, 5%, and >1% in addition to the existing 10% — the shades can let in the exact amount of light that the user desires, according to the company.

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Using PowerShades’ RF Gateway, these automated shades can not only be controlled from any location via a smartphone app (like PowerShades’ mobile app), the shades can also be programmed in advance to rise and lower at set times of day or night to provide the ideal lighting and temperature for any occasion.