The Power of Co-Marketing

Radii-EdgeMonitorAtterotechStewart-0614Recently Symetrix announced a strategic partnership with Attero Tech and Stewart Audio. In a significant development for users of Audinate’s Dante audio networking technology, the current release of SymNet Composer open architecture design software for Edge and Radius Dante network audio DSP’s natively integrates select Attero Tech and Stewart Audio products supporting their network discovery, Dante signal routing, and audio I/O setup. As of this release, integrators will no longer need Audinate’s Dante Controller as well as separate software packages for each manufacturer’s products. Composer 2.0 software is the only programming environment needed to build a Dante networked system from start to finish.

This strategic partnership not only simplifies and speeds up initial design, revisions, and troubleshooting, but has also allowed all three OEM combine finite budgets and execute a sequence of strategic co-marketing campaigns.

Below are a few of the immediate benefits we have realized from our co-marketing communication:

Market Visibility – Promoting our products along side Stewart Audio and Attero Tech has proven to increase our market visibility exponentially. Positive website traffic, phone calls, and emails have all increased after the announcement of our strategic partnership.

Grouped Product Specification – We have noticed an obvious increase in the number of SymNet DSP being specified with Attero Tech interfaces and Stewart Audio amplifier Dante end-points. Notably due to the fact that AV integrators now only need one piece of software (SymNet Composer) to get the job up and running. Co-marketing and interoperability has allowed all three companies to piggyback our products and services into new installations.

Product Knowledge – We have now become very fluent in the operation of each manufacturer’s products. Being able to offer high level technical support for installations that utilize Attero Tech and Stewart Audio products allows AV integrators to make one stop for multiple questions. This greatly decreases commissioning time, saves time and money.

Cost Savings – Splitting the cost of co-marketing campaigns in thirds is very beneficial when it comes to finite budgets. Enough said.

What experiences (both positive and negative) have you had with co-marketing? I have found it is always important to have an established set of brand guidelines and always maintain approval rights on all co-marketing communication. What else should be considered?

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