#PositAVity: Gary Kayye, Tim Albright, Megan Dutta and Alesia Hendley Are Bringing It!


Yes, we compete professionally. But, together, we BELIEVE in #AV. We know that, due to COVID, many of you have been laid off, but 2020 will NOT define you, and it will not define us. Even though we may compete for your eyes and ears, we are joining forces to bring #PositAVity to the AV market. Over the next year, we’ve agreed to work together — yes, Megan DuttaAlesia Hendley, Gary Kayye, Tim Albright — to spread all the positive news around the AV industry using the all-new hashtag #PositAVity. And we want you to, too!

So, if you have a job opening and place it on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, hashtag it #PositAVity so we can all see it. If you’re looking for a job, search the hashtag #PositAVity. If you are doing something to help during the COVID lockdowns, use the hashtag #PositAVity. Need help? Use the hashtag #PositAVity. We will be watching and participating, too.

If WE can work together, so can you. Let’s do this — let’s use our collective voices, friends, followers and social connections to make #PositAVity out of the future of AV!