Portrait Displays Releases Calman 2022 Software

calman 2022

Portrait Displays has announced the release of Calman 2022 software. Portrait Displays’ says its Calman color calibration solutions are used by professionals across the globe to ensure that content is accurately displayed across all screens. Calman is “designed to make the users’ job easier by streamlining calibration methods and providing consistent updates with the latest features.”

Calman 2022 includes several features including a spotlight on newly added support for 2022 LG TVs, 2022 Panasonic TVs, 2022 ASUS ProArt monitors, Qalif Spectroradiometer, HDR calibration for BenQ monitors, and Epson EH & CH projector models.

Users will find a host of software updates to Calman’s celebrated Aurora Color Engine, such as LUT retargeting, HLG Manual Gamma EOTF, and a Matrix Ramp LUT-type as a new 3D LUT option.

More information regarding Calman 2022 features can be found in the release notes here: https://portrait.com/downloads1/