Portrait Displays Rereleases Calman 2021 R2 With Feature Updates

Webp.net resizeimage 3 3Portrait Displays has debuted the second release of Calman 2021 (R2). Calman is designed to make monitor setup easier by streamlining calibration methods and providing consistent updates with the latest features. The second release of Calman includes BenQ-supported displays and additional calibration functionalities of Calman Ready ASUS ProArt monitors. HDR calibration using Portrait Displays’ Aurora Color Engine is now supported by BenQ displays SW270C and SW271C.

The BenQ workflow has also been updated to include HDR process direction in Ultimate and Studio license levels. Additionally, Calman 2021 R2 has updated ASUS ProArt monitors workflow to improve direction and process. Calman 2021 R2 also features separated UPRtek and Gamma Scientific meter selections in its UI and improved the loading of reports to generate automatically on load across all license levels.

The Aurora Color Engine has been built from the ground up by implementing the latest in color science research to use next-generation Unity Grayscale Technology for 3D neutral spline bypass when using a 1D LUT and 3D LUT for calibration. These updates reduce posterization and banding.