Portrait Displays Launches Calman 2020

portrait displays calman 2020

Portrait Displays has announced the release of Calman 2020 — an addition to its Calman color calibration solutions. Calman is designed to make the users’ jobs easier by streamlining calibration methods and providing consistent updates with the latest features, according to the company.

Calman 2020 boasts several new features, including Calman Ready AutoCal support for LG 2020 Series TVs, Panasonic 2020 HZ Series TVs, and ASUS ProArt Monitors. It also includes added support for Murideo SEVEN Generator, added support for IP-based communication for Samsung 2019 Series TVs and added support for the X-Rite i1Pro3 and i1Display Pro Plus measurement devices.

One of the highlights of Calman 2020 is the introduction of the new “Bodner” meter profiling method for TVs that utilize RGBW-based OLED panels. The Bodner Method, created by LG Electronics, provides increased accuracy when profiling colorimeters on 48”-88” WRGB OLED display devices.

Calman 2020 is available for download here.