Portrait Displays Announces Release of Calman 2020 R2

portrait displays calman 2020 r2

Portrait Displays announced the anticipated release of Calman 2020 R2. Calman color calibration software is recognized across the content creation industry as the foremost software for color accuracy, designed to make the jobs of color professionals easier by streamlining calibration methods, providing verification tools and supporting new developments in display technology. The latest release of Calman possesses a number of new features and updated hardware support, once again raising the bar for color calibration software.

Hardware support has expanded to include the latest Samsung TVs (UHD QLED and 8K QLED models); BenQ SW271C; Dell UP3221Q monitors; LG projectors (HU810 and AU810); Avical Patterns, a macOS pattern generator application; Gamma Scientific GS-1160B spectroradiometers; and ASUS-branded i1Display Pro colorimeters.

Calman 2020 R2 users will find added shadow detail adjustment for supported 2020 LG OLEDs. This highlighted feature will create a spline adjustment before the first reading point in grayscale, improving detail in dark regions of the display and preventing blacks from crushing too early.

All-In-One (AIO) mode — a measurement mode in i1Display Pro meters — is now compatible across all license levels. AIO mode will improve measurement time and accuracy by creating sync times that are variable based on the patch to be measured.

Additionally, Calman 2020 R2 contains an Interquartile Averaging Noise Reduction (IQNR) option to Klein Instruments K10A. This preference improves meter accuracy, takes multiple readings and intelligently averages out the reads while removing outliers. It is important to note that this is a Calman option, and not firmware enabled.

Calman 2020 R2 is available for download now.