Polycom Introduces New Products and Services for HD Conferencing

Polycom made several announcements recently regarding the company’s high definition conferencing. First is a new feature for the company’s RMX 2000 – a software enhancement that lets customers combine video conferencing endpoints with different resolutions (HD, standard definition, and common intermediate format resolution) within the same call. It allows users to show multiple sites simultaneously (termed continuous presence) and it optimizes resolution and call quality according to the capabilities of each video system.

Version 2.0 of the software also delivers support for 11 additional languages (12 total). Languages supported include English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Norwegian. And the new software allows support for PSTN and VoIP audio with dynamic configuration of audio and video resources, so the system can scale from 20 to 400 ports.

Polycom is offering new support programs through Polycom Global Services. The new High Definition Readiness program helps facilities ease into HD conferencing. A project manager is assigned to work either remotely or on-site with the channel and customer to assess quality of service, bandwidth and call quality of the existing network. Once HD-readiness analysis is completed, the project manager will recommend corrective actions if required, then provide the customer with a proposal to install and test the necessary additions and corrections.

The new On Demand Conferencing Services support customers moving from IT-scheduled conferencing applications to end-user-initiated, reservationless, or instantaneous, conferencing. This is an on-site service that scopes the anticipated changes, timeline and costs of the project, specs it, delivers it and trains personnel.

The remote and on-site HD Readiness Services have MSRPs of $4,995 and $9,995. The Single Path IP Assessment Service has an MSRP of US $495.  On Demand Conferencing Services are priced on a quote basis.

The company also announced ReadiManager SE200 Version 2.0, which is an integrated application for conference management, scheduling, gatekeeping and device control. This centralizes control of conferencing and network resources, participants and devices. It is also  the only such program that can manage Polycom RMX 2000, says the company.