Polycom Fights Back With UltimateHD Collaboration Architecture and New HD Conference System

Within hours of the Cisco announcement about their new HD videoconferencing system, Polycom announced availability of a new conference system based on a new architecture.
The Polycom HDX 9000 system delivers HD Voice, HD video and HD content sharing, and has new features such as simultaneous HD dual streams for people and content, and Siren22 kHz StereoSurround audio.

The Polycom HDX solutions are based on the new Polycom UltimateHD architecture, which offers video systems, video multipoint control units (MCU), HD recording, streaming and playback systems (for both video and content), related HD services, and integrated Polycom HD Voice endpoints. The Polycom UltimateHD architecture gives customers scalability, backwards compatibility and end-to-end integration.