Poly Releases Rove DECT IP Phone With Antimicrobial Product Protection

poly 1Poly announced the Poly Rove DECT; an IP phone that features built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection. At rAVe, we believe this is likely going to become commonplace with new business products handled by multiple people on a daily basis but, Microban does not say the this product or its other antimicrobial coatings or surfaces prevent or stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Poly Rove Family, including Poly Rove 30 and Poly Rove 40 phones, come with Microban’s antimicrobial technology built-in for a 99 percent cleaner phone surface.The antimicrobial technology is integrated during manufacturing, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs for the lifespan of the device. This means complete defense against bacteria on Poly Rove phones integrated with Microban in high-touch workplaces.

Poly Rove devices can be scaled to support up to 1,000 handsets. In addition to featuring Microban technology, Poly Rove phones are ruggedized with an IP65 rating to be dust-proof and water-resistant, making them tough enough for industries like healthcare, manufacturing and retail where employees often share phone handsets throughout the day. With the Poly Rove R8 DECT repeater, you’ll maintain DECT encryption without sacrificing security when you need to move about and talk at a greater range.

Poly Rove phone systems come with Poly’s pro-grade audio with HD voice and enhanced background noise suppression. Programmable line keys and a large display screen provide easy navigation so no one misses a critical call, whether from a warehouse floor or an emergency room.

For management of devices for IT, Poly’s cloud-based device management software allows IT people to stage, deploy and manage devices from anywhere.