Poly Publishes New Report on the ‘Journey to Hybrid Working’

poly journey to hybrid working

Poly published a new report called “The Journey to Hybrid Working: Six Things for US Companies to Consider,” in partnership with workplace research platform WORKTECH Academy. The report draws on recent research into the needs and preferences of U.S. workers and explores six considerations for US companies to further navigate hybrid working.

Hybrid work is a complex model which has prompted organizations to challenge traditional ways of working in favor of a more flexible approach to work. This report charts some of the pivotal dichotomies and key decision points that employers will face during their transformational journey to hybrid work.

Key areas that Poly and WORKTECH Academy explore include:

  • Addressing the importance of hybrid work: Six out of ten firms believe they will lose new and existing talent if they do not figure out hybrid work, but less than half of all organizations are prepared with a strategy for hybrid working.
  • Re-evaluating the workplace experience: Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of U.S. employees think that their employers could be doing more to create a uniform experience between remote workers and workers physically in the office.
  • Unifying the hybrid strategy: Real estate, HR and IT need to start working from the same playbook to solve complex hybrid challenges. More than three-quarters of decision-makers (77 percent) agreed that the pandemic had forced their organization to get smarter about how they use space, people, and technology.
  • Redefining boundaries: Anytime work has blurred the lines between personal and work time. Organizations need to clearly outline their expectations regarding the etiquette of communication in a hybrid world.
  • Embracing work-from-anywhere: Hybrid work has opened-up multiple channels for working in both virtual and physical settings. Organizations will have to think hard about the support infrastructure required to ensure hybrid working is a success across all channels.

Poly is working with the research team at WORKTECH Academy on a rolling program to create new thinking, define the main challenges and explore emerging opportunities around hybrid work. The report identifies key themes that will be addressed in subsequent research and analysis.

Jeremy Myerson, director at WORKTECH Academy, says, “Research data examining the needs and expectations of the US workforce by Poly and others has revealed the complexities and contradictions of hybrid working. This report with Poly identifies some of the key areas for America’s leading organizations to consider so they can adjust to a flexible and fast-changing future with confidence.”

John Goodwin, senior vice president of public affairs at Poly, said, “Organizations are getting serious about implementing their long-term hybrid strategies. Poly is outlining some key themes and challenges organizations in the US need to address now to make hybrid work a lasting success for the future. Our data from the US found that less than one in four (23 percent) of companies have refitted meeting spaces with video capabilities for equitable hybrid work. Equality of experiences across all work channels will be a critical step in the journey to a more productive, sustainable, hybrid workforce.”

The Journey to Hybrid Working: Six Things for US Companies to Consider report is here: