Podcasting: The Experience of it All

A Podcast is a digital medium that consists of a episodic series of audio, video, digital radio, PDF, or ePub files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed on-line to a computer or mobile device.

When I entered the world of podcasting, it was not as a host, or even a co-host — it was as a guest. I was invited sometime last year to do a show on another publication’s podcast and while I hadn’t agreed to the first invite offer (due to considerations of the technology material), I did accept the second. I didn’t really know what to expect – going out live no less — however after all was said and done, it was a tremendous experience.

This led me to my first real podcasting experience as I had met an industry UCC writer and analyst at InfoComm last year and the two of us, after talking at a manufacturer’s dinner, decided several weeks later to get together to do a few things, one of them being a podcast. We ended up doing three all together, however it was this first one that is of course representative of my real beginnings in AV podcasting.

Called “Disruptive Disruption” with David Maldow the owner of Let’s Do Video, it’s 23 minutes long and a bit raw in quality (admittedly by both of us). However the way this story goes is that David and I got together on a video conference at the agreed upon time (he did the recording), we talked for about five minutes and we decided on the subject to which he said, “OK, ready?” I said yes and then he hit record. No practice, no long discussion — just GO. Much of the discussion in the podcast focused on my “disruptive” writings and industry impressions as well as David’s insightful industry viewpoints on disruption in UCC. In all, even with the fact that we labeled it a “pilot” along with the quality considerations, we considered it 23+ minutes of very good content. We had some fun with it along with the following one, injecting some humor as well.

podcast-0715In November of last year, I decided to take on something new after writing numerous interview blogs for rAVe. Entitled Beacon: The Future of Technology That’s Already Arrived, I recorded an interview with Kyle Parker, a Sr. Software Engineer at Ball Sate University (who I had interviewed previously for an article that I had written on Google Glass and wearables) which was posted as a video blog (or Vlog). Kyle and I considered it an excellent experience and it has led to numerous recorded interviews since (both video and audio).

I have to believe that having these opportunities pooled together allowed me the ability to create a podcast show which mixes technology, interviews and humor. AV Power Up! has become a rewarding effort for myself as well as those who have been involved in it with me. And even though a certain amount of planning does go into the preparation of each of the episodes, each night we record we get together for about ten or fifteen minutes (ourselves and the guests) to talk and get acclimated – then I say ready, hit the record button and we GO.

Note: Here is the article How are Tech Managers Responding to Google Glass & Other Wearables? with Kyle Parker, who was one of three interviewees.